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19. What risks do I take if I use an internet real estate agent to sell my property?  

Before choosing a real estate agent, it is helpful to get to know each other personally and discuss the options for the sale. An internet real estate agent will not visit you or view your property. We will, without obligation. We then use this information to work out an extensive sales plan for you.

Decide to choose us? Then one, single contact person will manage the whole process. Someone who knows you and your house. So, no there is no impersonal contact with a call centre where they know nothing about your home, never mind the housing market in your area. Our real estate agents know the rapidly changing market in Amsterdam. They are aware of the latest developments and know exactly how the market moves.

The duty to report is another area in which things can go wrong with an internet real estate agent. As a seller, you have a duty to report, which means that you must report defects in the property to the buyer. You, the seller, are legally responsible for this. To fulfil this obligation, it is important that a real estate agent has sufficient knowledge to help you with this task, thereby ensuring that you are not exposed to any risk. Our real estate agents have in-depth knowledge on legal and technical building aspects and can always support you effectively in this regard.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, we always work on a no cure, no pay basis. This means that you owe us nothing for the sale (except presentation costs) as long as we haven‘t sold your house. It is irrelevant to an internet real estate agent whether you sell your house or not. Moreover, if you decide not to sell, they would probably charge a withdrawal fee.

Finally, with an internet real estate agent, you are personally responsible for the viewings of your house (read more here about the disadvantages of this). Suppose that you receive an offer – or maybe several – how and when do you respond to them? What is the best strategy? And what conditions must you take into account? Selling a house is a skill. If it is something as important as your own home, hiring a professional is much better for your peace of mind.