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18. What risks do I take if I try to buy a house without a real estate agent?  

Here is a summary of the most important risks:

  • You most lickely  pay more for a house without a real estate agent.
  • Your chances are much smaller without a buyer’s agent, because seller’s agents prefer to sell to other real estate agents. It gives them more certainty that you, the buyer, have all your affairs in order.
  • The seller’s agent only works in the interests of the seller, not yours. It is always possible that they will provide incomplete information or ignore negative aspects of a property. Are you a starter, and a little unsure about what questions to ask? Then you might buy a pig in a poke. Examples are a poor state of repair, a sinking foundation, a view that will soon change or an inactive Homeowners’ Association that has saved nothing while there is significant maintenance scheduled.
  • Buying a house is often an emotional experience. That is logical. It is precisely our task to always remain rational. We look at what a house is worth and whether the purchase would be a good investment.
  • The negotiations can also become emotional. And this is certainly true if you really want a specific house. A real estate agent has conducted hundreds of negotiations and knows how you can get the best possible deal.

Most people don’t deal with things like deeds of sale very often. If you don’t understand it, all the legal jargon can sound like hocus pocus. With a buyer’s agent, you save yourself a great deal of stress and uncertainty.