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5. How does the sale take place?

When the seller and buyer agree on the most important issues (for example, the price, the delivery date, and the resolutive conditions), the agreements are laid down in writing in a deed of sale. The seller’s agent is normally responsible for this, but in Amsterdam, a notary will draw up the deed of sale. If you wish to include resolutive conditions for the financing and a structural survey in the deed of sale, you must state this when you submit your offer. It is important that both parties agree on the supplemental agreements and resolutive conditions before the deed of sale is drawn up.

As soon as both parties have signed the deed of sale and the buyer has received a certified copy of this deed, the statutory, three-day, cooling-off period comes into effect for you as a private buyer. Within this period, you, the buyer, can still rescind the purchase without stating your reasons. If you do not do this, the finances are arranged. And as long as any other resolutive conditions are taken care of, the conveyance takes place at the notary on the agreed delivery date.