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16. Do you also look at the options for renovation of a property, or should I engage an architect for this?  

We certainly do. We always tell clients searching for a property that they must pay special attention to the house’s potential. Is it big enough? If so, a lot can be done in principle. We always look at how spaces can be arranged better, taking the added value and, of course, the enjoyment of a living space into account. We have been in the business so long that we can use our knowledge and insight to absolutely offer added value. In addition, all of our real estate agents have completely renovated their own homes. The only aspect that we do not provide advice on is the costs. This is because they are highly dependent on your personal preference, style and choice of materials.

Example: We recently advised buyers to move the kitchen to the living room and to convert the old kitchen into a bedroom. These days, many people want an open kitchen and prefer two bedrooms. In other words, two birds with one stone. We also frequently see enormous bedrooms and a small living room. Sometimes it is better to reverse this. Do you get light in the bedroom but not in the living room? Then you could also choose to switch them. We’re happy to explore the option with you.