Living in Indische Buurt

Indische Buurt is a beautiful neighbourhood in Amsterdam-Oost, next to the Oosterpark and Dapperbuurt. The name refers to the various Indonesian street names, such as Javastraat, Balistraat, and Sumatraplantsoen.

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Indische Buurt is located in the east of the city and is known for its diversity and liveliness.

Melting pot of cultures

This district has a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. During that time, many social housing units were built here for workers who migrated to the city. Today, Indische Buurt is a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities. What makes the neighbourhood so special is the mix of traditional and modern elements. You’ll find charming streets with characteristic old houses, interspersed with contemporary architecture.

Discover the colourful charm and vibrant culture of Indische Buurt.

Indische Buurt is truly a mix of old and new. Traditional roots blending with modern vibes: that’s what makes it so special.’

Karlijn, Makelaar Bert

A peek into the kitchen

A stroll through Indische Buurt reveals a wide range of shops, cafes and restaurants. Here, you can enjoy various cuisines, from Indian to Surinamese, and from Turkish to Italian. Prefer to cook yourself? There is an extensive and ambient market where you can buy fresh products and exotic ingredients.

Fairy tale park

Looking for relaxation? You’ll find plenty of squares where people gather to relax, stroll or exercise in Indische Buurt. There is also an abundance of green spaces. To the east lies Flevopark, where you can walk through a stately entrance gate and immerse yourself in tranquillity. Due to its more remote location, it may not be the most famous park in Amsterdam, but it is definitely on par with other green urban oases.

The park is spacious, has many sports facilities, and in the summer, you can take a refreshing dip in the Nieuwe Diep. And as if this place isn’t idyllic enough, nestled among the wild trees and plants and around the pond, you’ll find a cosy tasting room called Nieuwe Diep Distillery. The former pumping station – complete with its own orchard – could have come straight out of a fairy tale. You can enjoy delicious homemade liqueur or jenever there.

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