Living in Westerparkbuurt

When you think of Westerparkbuurt, you immediately think of Westerpark itself. But it also includes the Frederik Hendrikbuurt, Houthavens, Spaarndammerbuurt and Staatsliedenbuurt. Just behind the Jordaan, you will find yourself in the green west of Amsterdam.

All neighborhoods

It’s wonderful living in Westerparkbuurt, with plenty of green spaces, culture and unique architecture.

Culture and creativity

Just beyond the hustle and bustle of the canal district, you enter Westerparkbuurt. At its vibrant centre lies the Westerpark itself. Besides relaxing, exercising or strolling, you can spend your entire day at the Westergasfabriek – the hotspot for creative, cultural and innovative entrepreneurs. Here, you’ll find restaurants, a brewery, a film house and an event venue.

Both Staatsliedenbuurt and Spaarndammerbuurt have countless nice restaurants and cafés where you can experience the charming neighbourhood feeling.

‘Visitors come to Spaarndammerbuurt from near and far to admire the Amsterdam School workers’ houses.’

Anne, Makelaar Bert

Amsterdam School

Almost hidden behind Westerpark lies Spaarndammerbuurt. It is worth a visit just for its beautiful architecture. Around 1920, the now famous workers’ houses were designed by Michel de Klerk in the Amsterdam School style. Originally, these beautifully designed houses were inhabited by dockworkers from the neighbourhood. One of De Klerk’s designs is Het Schip, an iconic building transformed into a highly visit-worthy museum.

During the construction of the north sea canal, a harbour was dug beside the ij for timber storage and transport.

Luxury living in the Houthavens

Over the years, the timber industry has disappeared, and the inlet harbours were filled in. Today, the head of the Westerpark neighbourhood consists of seven artificial islands called the Houthavens. It is a place with luxury apartments and modern offices. The largest and most famous building in the area, the Pontsteiger, is impossible to miss.

‘Do you want to live in Westerparkbuurt too? I’d be happy to help you.’

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