Living in the Jordaan

Living in the Jordaan means living in authentic Amsterdam. No neighbourhood has as much character as this one.

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The Jordaan: one of Amsterdam’s most famous neighbourhoods. Truly Mokum, with cosy streets, beautiful façades, and distinctive living rooms. We are completely sold.

From slum to hotspot

The district began as a working-class neighbourhood. In the 19th century, poverty was so widespread that parts of the Jordaan deteriorated into slums: people lived crowded together in narrow alleys and dilapidated houses. Epidemics frequently broke out in the Jordaan. Fortunately, that is no longer the case.

In the 20th century, the canals were filled in, and the neighbourhood received sewer systems and piped-in drinking water. The result was improved hygiene and better living conditions. However, it has always remained a working-class neighbourhood. The old-school residents of the Jordaan are known for their distinctive dialect, humour and music. At the end of the 20th century, gentrification began when investors discovered the neighbourhood and bought up properties.

The Jordaan exudes romance. The canals and small streets give the neighbourhood its charm and character.

Back in time

The Jordaan is full of national monuments. Most of them were erected between the 17th and 19th centuries. But the canals with houseboats, bridges and squares also make the neighbourhood a beautiful and unique place. The Noordermarkt is centrally located in the Jordaan, and there is a market here every Monday and Saturday. On Monday mornings, you can discover the best vintage finds here, and on Saturdays, there are charming farmer’s stalls with organic products.

‘A perfect weekend starts in the Jordaan. First, wander endlessly along all the shops and end with coffee and apple pie at the Noordermarkt.’

Heleen, Makelaar Bert

In our Jordaan

Although every tourist knows how to find the Jordaan, the neighbourhood still has a truly authentic Amsterdam village feel. You can definitely feel this when you step into the old cafés. The original residents still come together here to discuss the day while enjoying a glass of Amstel beer and a bitterbal.

‘Do you also see yourself living in the Jordaan? Let me tell you more.’

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