Dilan Yildirim

Going into apartment buying in Amsterdam’s hot housing market as a 27 year old expat, I was worried as I didn’t understand the language or the system. This wasn’t a problem while working with Kirsten. She always took her time, explained my options as well as how process would go and warned me if I was making a hasty/bad decision just because I was tired of looking and wanted to get it over with. I absolutely felt that we were on the same team, which is very important to me. I was worried that if I was too indecisive my agent would get sick of it and would try to convince me into buying an apartment I wouldn’t normally consider but it was the absolute opposite with Kirsten, she kept reminding me of my initial standards for an apartment and found the best possible one with me. Everything went smoothly and she always made time for my requests/specific needs as an expat.

– wieisdebestemakelaar.nl


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