Our story with Bert started sometime towards the end of 2013, after months and months of scanning Funda day in and day out. What with all the houses in Amsterdam, we seemed unable to find what we were looking for. Plus, there was some uncertainty concerning building regulations and other local idiosyncrasies that did not make the market appear any more transparent. When we finally decided to hire an agent, Bert’s name was on top of the list with excellent reviews and we decided to give it a shot. Our first meeting couldn’t have been more positive: Bert took almost two hours to talk us through all the details and, professionalism aside, we were both rather taken with him as a person. Bert is an exceptionally friendly, versed, enthusiastic, and well-mannered fellow – and good at what he does. Now that we have found what we were looking for we couldn’t have been happier with the whole treatment from start to finish. Bert’s approach is as personal as it is professional, tailored to your needs, but also sensitive and easy-going. I can wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone who wants to buy a house in Amsterdam. As a matter of fact, we referred two of my wife’s colleagues to him – and each of them found a wonderful house, too.


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