Sell a property Selling your property is not something you do every day. Therefore, you want to be sure that you choose the best real estate agent to assist you with this. One that has integrity, thinks along with you and that is up-to-date with all the latest developments in the property market. And one that you know for certain will do everything in their power to get the best sales price and the most favourable conditions for you. That is Makelaar Bert.
Are you curious about what we can do for you? We will be happy to visit you to offer non-binding sales advice. Let us explain in nine brief steps what the sales process consists of.

Ben je benieuwd wat we voor je kunnen betekenen? We komen graag vrijblijvend bij je langs voor een verkoopadvies. We leggen je nu alvast in tien korte stappen uit wat er allemaal bij het verkoopproces komt kijken.

Roadmap Sales Supervision

1. Acquaintance and sales strategy

We will first visit you to get acquainted and for a non-binding discussion about your wishes and our options. We will view your property to determine its value, discuss the sales strategy that best fits the market and your own wishes and provide you advice on the presentation of your property. Following this meeting the real estate agent will carry out detailed research and create an extensive sales proposal. You will receive this within a few days.

2. Collecting information

Next, we will create a sales file. In this we will collect all relevant information concerning your property and also from the Owners’ Association (VvE) if necessary. For example, the real estate agent does cadastral research and requests items from the property archive where necessary, among other things. This allows us to present all required knowledge to the buyer.

3. Presentation

A professional photographer will visit to photograph and video your property for an optimal online presentation. In addition, an interactive floor plan with the relevant NEN 2580 measuring certificate will be drawn up.

4. Online

We ensure a wonderful presentation with an attractive sales text in addition to the photos. We will place this on Funda,, the website of the Amsterdam Brokers’ Association (MVA) and our own website. And also on our exchange system, where your property is directly sent to customers of NVM (the Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers) real estate agents, so that all active home seekers will instantly be shown your property.

5. The viewing

This is an exciting moment. We welcome the interested parties, take time for the tour and answer all their queries.

6. The negotiation

In the negotiation phase we do everything to gain not only the highest purchase price but also the most favourable conditions for you. In the current market we sell many properties via a so-called registration, which means that multiple interested parties can make a one-off final offer. From this, we can select the most attractive offer. The registration assures you that you will close the best possible deal for you.

7. The purchase agreement

If an agreement has been achieved, we will then proceed to the signing of the purchase agreement. The buyer selects the notary and we ensure that all desired information arrives at the notary. We check the purchase agreement in advance and first run through this together. We will be at your side during the exciting moment of signing the agreement.

8. The financing

We maintain contact with the buyer to ensure that everything runs according to the agreement. You will not have to worry about anything.

9. The transfer of property

A few days before the transfer of the property you will receive the draft of the property deed with the associated final receipt. We will also check these documents and run through these with you before the signing. After the final inspection of the property we go to the notary for the delivery and the subsequent transfer of the keys.

10. Provisional farewell

After signing the property deed we will bid you a provisional farewell. Remember, we will always be available for any possible questions after the delivery.

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