Appraisal of property An appraisal report gives an indication of the current market value of a property. You may need this report to obtain a mortgage when buying a house. The bank wants assurance on the value of the property for the mortgage credit loans by way of an appraisal report. Other reasons for an appraisal can be, for example: a buying and selling decision, Valuation of Real Estate Act (WOZ) counter appraisal, division of property and inheritance tax return.

We visit the property and view all relevant legal and technical aspects prior to making an appraisal report. We collect information from the owner, a possible selling agent, but also from Kadaster (The Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency), the municipality and if applicable from the Owners’ Association. On the basis of all this information, our market knowledge and research on the transaction prices of comparable properties we will appraise the property. Here we look at the unique aspect of the property, but for example also at the foundation, pollution and plans of the Owners’ Association.

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