References Wij doen er alles aan om van al onze klanten tevreden klanten te maken.

Wij mogen vaak mensen helpen omdat ze goede verhalen over ons hebben gehoord of gelezen. Hier zijn wij natuurlijk heel blij mee, en doen er dan ook alles aan om van elke nieuwe klant een positieve beoordeling te ontvangen.

Onderstaande referenties zijn alle beoordelingen van onze klanten op vergelijkings website en

Koper: Roerstraat 20 I

Makelaar Bert is fantastic – both Bert himself and Kirsten are both great makelaars. They are really friendly, responsive, helpful and know the market really well. You feel like you can really trust their advice, (they also tell you not to bid on properties sometimes), and they provide a really good service overall. I highly…

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I’m super happy that I was able to buy the apartment that I was looking for! Kirsten was super helpful, positive, transparent and knowledgable throughout the process; starting from the moment we started searching until we signed the contract. She is really patient, listening what you really want, giving advices and tips so on. Not…

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Bert and Kirsten were both fantastic Makelaars. They were both super friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable. They offer good, honest advice throughout the process (even telling you not to put bids in on properties if necessary), so you feel you can really trust their advice and opinion. Throughout the process, they are very professional and…

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Koper: Leeuwendalersweg 739

They did a great work with helping out in buying a new apartment.Our agent was super friendly and professional. She was pointing out on the defects which we didn’t see.

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I first contacted Makelaar Bert because it was highly reviewed. I had the pleasure to talk to Kirsten. Then, talking to colleagues they mentioned that Kirsten was great, which confirmed my impression when I met her. That was the main reason to finally choose Makelaar Bert (on top of the other 4 makelaars with whom…

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Verkoper: Kiekstraat 42

I can really recommend Makelaar Bert. Good service, transparency and commitment. The apartment was sold at a good price and the realtor did a good job.

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Bas surprised me with his knowledge and confidence. He knew exactly the price the house will be sold and everything went well during the negotiations with the seller. He was always available whenever I tried to make contact with him. He helped me a lot with what followed afterwards: the notary, the taxation report, the…

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Kirsten and the team are excellent, extremely proactive and supportive, great knowledge of the market. She helped me to find my apartment quickly and painlessly. They arranged for everything, resolved all matters, clarified any doubts. I felt very well taken care of and dealing with great professionals. I can only recommend to work with her…

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Koper: Adelaarsweg 45

Thank you Bas for getting this house for me and helping with the rest afterwards (notaris, bouwkundige keuring, taxatierapport, etc.). I appreciate.

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Verkoper Maassluisstraat 48

Bas from Makelaar Bert did an excellent job selling my apartment in Amsterdam. Bas was very professional, helpful and flexible from start to finish, and he was always available for any questions I had. No problem communicating in English and the sale worked smoothly even though I was mostly not present in the Netherlands. He…

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