We are Makelaar Bert After much work within the real estate sector in Amsterdam, we believe that things can, and should, proceed much better. We understand that everybody is different, and our personal approach and actively thinking along with you are our key values.

Makelaar Bert is a no-nonsense office where client satisfaction comes first. And this approach is effective given the fact that after just one year in existence, Makelaar Bert was selected as the best real estate agent in North Holland by independent comparison website wieisdebestemakelaar.nl.

Gone are the days where clients are influenced by smooth talk – they expect much more service today compared to the real estate agent of the past. Clients often know what they want and are looking for a sparring partner who listens, thinks along, is creative, takes time for them and is accessible. This matches our service provision perfectly. We are delighted with this new development within the real estate sector, and proud that we can contribute to this so effectively.

We do not have an expensive office, flashy suits or company car. These just cost money. We prefer to take a bike; that way, we also know we will arrive on time. We have a broad network and are good friends with our fellow real estate agents. However, we are serious about offering a better service than the rest. Because we are a small office, we are very personal and take our time to conduct our business properly, for example with viewings or the purchase agreement. Buying a property is no mean feat, and we understand this very well. We are happy to support our clients during this exciting period in their life. And if you ever need to return to us with a question or a problem, we will remain available to assist you.


Bert Registered Real Estate Agent / Appraiser

I have more than 10 years of experience in the Amsterdam real estate sector. Previously I worked at various offices and think it’s wonderful that I can now put my experience and ideas into practice here. The job of a real estate agent is fantastic, but it is also a world that I did not totally fit into before. A real estate agent should be a distinguished professional, and the distance between client and real estate agent was consciously maintained. I had to wear a suit every single day, proper service was often hard to find and I was even criticised for becoming too involved with my clients’ needs. I did not believe in this old-fashioned way of working in real estate, and I started my own office in 2014. I have turned my ‘weakness’ into success. I was immensely proud when my office scooped the award for best real estate office in North Holland in 2015. I believe that this stems from my personal approach: everyone should feel comfortable with me and have the feeling that they can ask or say anything. I am always focused on providing the best service to my clients. My approach is informal and flexible. Obviously, I am fully certified, qualified as an appraiser by the Dutch Property Value Institute (NWWI) and affiliated with the Dutch Association of Real Estate Brokers (NVM). Finally, I have a vast network, which often pays dividends when it comes to buying and selling properties. What makes me happy? That moment when my client smiles broadly upon receiving the keys to their new property, or handing over the keys. This gives me a great deal of energy.

Bas Candidate - Registered Real Estate Agent / Appraiser

I have been working with much passion and motivation in the real estate sector for more than 11 years. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience by working at large real estate offices in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. I made the conscious decision to join Makelaar Bert two years ago. A young and dynamic office with a large network, broad knowledge, optimal service provision, flexibility and above all a wonderful collaboration. I believe it is a major advantage that we are a small office, because this keeps the involvement high, in every phase of both buying and selling properties. This is how we achieve the best results together.

‘What is important for me as a real estate agent? Providing personal supervision to the client, and therefore effectively discover their needs. Thanks to the versatile client contact, working as a real estate agent is a wonderful career with many challenges and opportunities. I am only happy when the client is completely satisfied!’

Karlijn Candidate - Registered Real Estate Agent / Appraiser

‘Amsterdam is an exciting, fast-moving city that is constantly in motion. I believe the same goes for the Amsterdam property market. I feel completely at home here, and I know how to find my way with a broad network in the real estate sector. Over the last five years I have specialised as a buying agent with a no-nonsense approach where I have always strived for a hassle-free buying process. And I still do that today, now within the dynamic team at Makelaar Bert. It is great to be a part of a team where everybody is pulling in the same direction. And enjoy the rush of the successfully buying or selling of a property together.’

Kim Assistant Real Sstate Agent- Appraiser

‘I have worked as an assistant real estate agent in Wieringerwerf. A nice job, but I was still drawn to the big city. I had my eye on Makelaar Bert for a while, because its personal style really resonated with me, so I wanted to work with them. I decided to send them a message after I gained more experience and an Assistant real estate agent/appraiser diploma. It later transpired this was at exactly the right moment. Now I am happy to work at the best office in my favourite city.’

Heleen Office Manager

‘With a background as graphic designer, the real estate sector may not seem a logical career choice, but I feel totally at home here. In addition to design, I have also acquired a wealth of experience in marketing and social media. At Makelaar Bert I am able to effectively combine these skills. It remains a challenge to present ourselves and our properties as well as possible. Social media is an increasingly important medium within the real estate sector, so this is a perfect outlet for my expertise. I also enjoy supporting the back office, with the most varied work.’

Ester Office Manager

‘I joined Makelaar Bert after working at a large office in Amstelveen and Amsterdam for 13 years. Now I work in a pleasant, young team where the personal contact with clients is crucial. The back office is where I feel completely at home. I arrange everything from A to Z, and I love doing it too!

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