Buying a property Buying a property is exciting, whether it is your first time, or if you have done it many times. When viewing, you are often faced with selling agents who only have the interests of the seller at heart. What should you be aware of? What is a property worth? What should you ask? To get advice and the answers to your questions, it is always advisable to deploy your own independent advisor who is 100% on your side. Where you may possibly be susceptible to the pressure of the current market, we always remain rational. This allows us to prevent you from buying anything that will give you an unwanted surprise.

If you opt for Makelaar Bert, you will always be the first to be informed of the latest properties on offer that match your specific wishes. During the viewings we will join you to critically assess the condition of the property. Because you do not want to encounter unexpected issues with moisture or the building subsiding. We also advise you on how to create added value. We will negotiate on your behalf if you wish to buy the property. And if we reach an agreement with the seller we will go through the purchase agreement before we proceed to the notary for the signing. Are there still problems or questions after the purchase? You can always count on us. We are and will remain your fixed point of contact for all your questions and queries.

Makelaar Bert works on the basis of no cure no pay; you pay nothing if we are unable to find you a property. Obviously, you have the choice to purchase only a part of our service. For example, if you already have your eye on a particular property where you want us to take over the negotiations, this is certainly possible.

Roadmap Purchasing Supervision

1. Acquaintance meeting and search profile

During the acquaintance meeting we will discuss all possibilities and expectations with regards to your search and how we can help you with this. If you choose us as your buying agent, we will create an extensive search profile for you.

2. First to know about new properties on offer

Every day you will receive the latest offer that matches your wishes. Real estate agents always send the property to NVM real estate agents before placing it on Funda. That means that Makelaar Bert and you as our client are will always learn about the offer before you could have found it during a Funda search.

3. First viewing

Have you received an interesting property that you wish to see? Make an appointment with the selling agent. The first viewing will not be attended by us, so that you can decide whether it is really want you want.

4. Found a suitable property

If you are still interested following the viewing, we will quickly schedule an appointment with the selling agent and we will visit the property too. We advise you about the state of the property, which investments are required in the future and how you can create possible added value with the property.

5. Collect all information

Is this the property you have been looking for? If yes, we will request all documents from the seller, such as the purchase agreement, the property deed and the cadastral data. Does it concern apartment right, then we will also request the deed of division and the documents from the Owners’ Association (VvE). Naturally, we also do research with the local municipality, concerning for example the foundation and the zoning plan. We offer purchase advice on the basis of this information.

6. The negotiations

If you are still enthusiastic about the property, this is the point where it starts to get exciting. We advise you about an opening offer for the negotiations. If it concerns a registration, then we will discuss the final offer, and the conditions which are attached to this. Then we will negotiate with the selling party regarding the price, conditions, delivery terms and possible other issues. We will constantly keep you up-to-date and do everything to purchase the property at the most favourable price and conditions. If we succeed here, we will subsequently select a notary together, because you will sign the purchase deed!

7. The purchase deed

The purchase deed is always signed at the notary. We will assist you choosing your notary and ensure that they receive all required information. We will go through the purchase deed together prior to you signing it, and we will remain alongside you during this exciting moment to offer support.

8. The financing

Did you purchase the property with a resolutive clause of obtaining a mortgage? Then this step primarily means that you must get the green light from the bank for the financing. We maintain contact with your mortgage advisor and ensure that everything runs according to the agreements made. We will request an extension if you do not receive the green light from the bank within the set time period.

9. The property transfer

The financing is complete, stating the date of when you become owner. A few days before the property transfer you will receive the draft from the property deed with the associated final receipt. With this deed you will become the official owner of the property and the receipt will contain all amounts to be paid and received. We will go through the deed and the receipt with you prior to the signing. To be sure that the property still meets the expectations and the agreement, we will attend the final inspection on handover day together. After the final inspection of the property we will proceed to the notary for the delivery and the handover and the subsequent transfer of the keys.

10. Provisional farewell

After signing the property deed we bid you a provisional farewell. Following the handover, we will always be available for any possible questions you may have.

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